My name is Jordan Pringle, and I am a senior at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick. I am a Journalism major and Psychology minor. Once I graduate in May 2014, I am interested in working in radio, being a professional editor, and writing books. I also plan on going on to graduate school to get a Master's Degree in Social Work so I can work with youth and give back to the Camden/Pennsauken community where I live.
I have learned many lessons in my life and being a part of the Jubilee Music Enrichment Program has influenced a good portion of them. Being a part of the Jubilee Ringers bell program taught me about commitment, discipline, and work ethic. We met every week and practiced diligently to hone our skills. We were taught to be responsible and to not give up when things seemed difficult. Also, we learned to work hard and believe in ourselves so that we could always be and give our best. It was always
a safe, caring, and encouraging environment.
I met many new people being a part of this program and many doors opened for me. We were recognized in many places as The Jubilee Ringers. Being noticed and remembered gives youth a feeling of belonging which ultimately results in a sense of purpose. In a city where many kids give up on their purpose before they even learn what it is, the Jubilee Music Enrichment Program allowed us all to explore our full potential and set higher standards for our lives.
I appreciate everyone that invested in me and believed in me at The Jubilee Music Enrichment Program. It's impressive to see young people learning to read and play music, but beneath the surface, the program is doing so much more. Now that I'm older, I can see that at the core, the program is really about giving youth a chance at life by inspiring them, giving them hope, and helping them to grow into everything God would have them to be.

Jordan received a prestigious award from the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalist. She is pictured with Radio Host Thera Martin and Pulitzer Prize winner Harold Jackson.

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Beverly C. Mingo says... (Reply)
"It was awesome reading the story from Jordan Pringles. I pray God truly blesses all your endeavors.Bravo!" (2/19/14)