2012 Graduate Reflections
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The girl sitting at the piano wore all black. Her jet black and burgundy hair at the time matched the soft movement of the piano. Her hands moved quickly and majestically across the keys as her song came to a stop. Slowly and steadily, the girl turned and raised her body out of the seat and began to bow. As the crowd cheered, she took her seat and began contemplating on the past that brought her to this very spot she calls..... happiness.

For this girl, music has always been the root of her happiness whether it was simply sitting down at the piano and writing a tune or listening to the soft sounds coming from her mp3 player. Music has helped her open her eyes to a new world of determination, discipline, and hope. With every practice came discipline. Discipline to finish that page, discipline to practice the song everyday and discipline to perform her two songs at the end of the year.

Before music, she was restless and angry, but after music, she became a more happy student in school and out of school. The question is, what will this girl do now her Jubilee Ringers days have come to an end? What will her purpose in life be?

My name is Autumn VanBrown and I aspire to be a musician/actress and because of Ms. Rachel; not only has she taught me to cultivate myself as a leader but she also inspired the passion in my life for music. Most of all she has challenged me, in all I do, to make Christ the focus of my life for; only he can bring true happiness and fulfillment.