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Babette Porter

I would like to thank Jubilee for the opportunity to let my child continue appreciating music. As a child, my father introduced me to beautiful gospels, classical, jazz, etc. His eclectic taste for music was transfered to me and inspired me to join my university choir, “Revelations.” I am inspired by Jubilee’s mission and service to youth. God bless you.

Zola Aminata

I want to thank you and the Jubilee Family for allowing my (3) grandchildren/myself, to be part of the Jubilee Family. You excepted my (2) grandchild with disabilities as you excepted the (1) that has none. You and the Jubilee Family will always be apart of me. Thank You, Thank You. See you act the Concert "God Willing".

Kenise Hunter`

I am so glad that it is that time of year where the children are returning back to school and the Jubilee Enrichment Program. This program has been nothing but a blessing to my Godson. He will return this year not by himself but with a friend. Encourage our young people and let them shine their positive light amongst their peers.

Jim Doyle

Couldn't find phone number anywhere on your site. Please call me regarding upcoming presentation. (856) 993-4211

Edith R. Long

Thank you so very much Sister Merrill for all the hard work you do for the Jubilee Ringers. Each time I attend one of your programs, I am inspired, enlightened and blessed by the talents these beautiful young people display. They are truly gifted. I look forward to seeing some on these musicians in our local churches. They have touched so many lives. Thank you for sharing with our Bethany Congress of Christian Education at Camp Cedar Knoll. Be encouraged, and continue to let the Lord lead you in what ever you do - as only what you do for Christ will last. With much love and respect.
Edith R. Long, President Bethany Church School & B.T.U. Congress

Bart Spears

I saw the Jubilee Ringers at the NJChorale concert in December, I thought they were wonderful! I am the Coordinator of the Music ministry at Trinity United Methodist Church of Roebling, and I would love to have the kids come up and perform for our church! Specifically, I am organizing a huge benefit concert on March 11th, 2011 and would love to have the Jubilee Ringers as a part of it! Please contact me at asap so we may discuss, God Bless... what a wonderful ministry!

Antwan Ferren

hay guys this is Antwan aka preach just want to say keep up yhe good work

Karen Agosto

Seen a flyer in reference to your program and I've been looking for affordable piano lessons and its been impossible. This is for my son whom has some experience with a musical instrument but really has been expressing to me that he wants to learn the piano. If you could contact me with information on your program I would greatly appreciate it.

Lorraine Bradshaw

I'm looking so forward to the up coming Holiday Buffet

Rosemary Salmon

I saw these remarkable young people perform last night in Cherry Hill. I was absolutely astounded by their talent and poise. I’ve told everyone I’ve seen today how wonderful they were and how magnificent the program is that brought them to this level of accomplishment. Their leader, I think her name was Rachael, certainly seems to know how to bring out the very best in children. I hope to see another show soon since last night’s performance filled my heart with joy. Continue the great work you are doing.

Willie Mae Dorsey

I enjoy the children so very much everytime I attend a performance. I want to attend the next concert on Sunday June 14, 2009 and I plan to bring friends with me. More information will follow.


I am so proud and happy to see a program like this comeing out of the city of camden and it is a very good thing that you are doing with this kids.


I am so proud and happy to see a program like this comeing out of the city of camden and it is a very good thing that you are doing with this kids.


I am so proud and happy to see a program like this comeing out of the city of camden and it is a very good thing that you are doing with this kids.


I am so proud and happy to see a program like this comeing out of the city of camden and it is a very good thing that you are doing with this kids.

Autumn VanBrown

This is the best program I have ever been into. I just want to thank you Ms. Rachel for everything that you have done for me. I never would have thought that I could earn a schoalrship. Because of you I can do something with my life. I think that you are one of those people who will do anything for anyone that you meet. Happy Birthday Ms. Rachel I know that it is late but I wanted to give you a special birthday note.

Kenise Hunter

I am proud to observe the growth of this program. The talent of each individual student in this program is outstanding. Ms. Rachel keep up the good work.

Yvonne Miller

I am so proud of the progress there at Christian Ministries with the youth and children where I have ties too. Blessed be my former pastor, Pastor Merrill, who I know first hand is teaching and training all those who step foot in CMI and preparing them spiritually and mentally to face the challenges they will encounter in society. Also, Rachel, I want to take this time to commend you for all the long hours I know you put into the ministry God has called you to do with the children. You remind me so much of the hard work and effort Miss Mary Blore did with the children in that area. In fact, I was one of Miss Mary's children she taught and influenced sharing the gospel of Jesus back in the 50's -early 60's. I am proud of you my sister. We need someone like you here in Texas.

Venise Hunter

I hope the bell ringers do good on all of the performance. I wish I could be there with the JUBILEE RINGERS>

Jeffery Womble

These students are absolutely amazing. They are incredibly talented.

Hamza Khalid

I feel as if I have been blessed to see (via the video) these young brothers & sisters perform musically. I would like to thank Mrs. Shameka Hudson for leading me to this website to see her child perform on the piano, and I hope one day to see all of the Jubilee Ringers perform. Take Care and God Bless